A band of passionate female musicians who are forever tempted to sing

About us

Tabernacle Women's Choir

Our goal is to create a platform for professional vocalists, as the first Taiwanese Women’s Choir.

We are vocal performance majors who have received training in the bel canto style of singing from Taiwanese vocalists. We have named ourselves “Tabernacle Women’s Choir” from the Scriptural meaning of “worshipful voices of the Tabernacle,” giving thanks to God for the beautiful gift of singing, while exploring all possibilities of the art of female choral singing, pushing the boundaries of bel canto choral music.

The founder, Professor Dr. Irene Yang, a well-known Taiwanese vocalist, invited Dr. Li-Fen Chen to conduct the Tabernacle Women’s Choir; she continuously nurtured these choir members for close to fifteen years–developing their technique, paying close attention to their character development and hearts, devoting herself sacrificially to this mission, leaving a beautiful imprint in these Tabernacle singers’ lives.

All around training

Our training is founded in Classical bel canto singing, establishing an expressive,focused, warm, and round tone; this is then employed in conjunction with training in drama and dance, nurturing the singer’s sense of beauty, creation, and expression.


Crafting the Voice

We deep dive, analyze and perform early music compositions from the Baroque and Renaissance period, while collaborating “with musicologists and early music instrumentalists.


Stretching the limits of Bel Canto singing

We “stretch the limits of the human voice” in forms—commissioning domestic and international composers, giving full liberty to the composer to create freely and think outside of the box, pushing the possibilities of techniques of singing, elevating quality and contributing to the repertoire of Taiwanese female choral singing.


Crossover New Repertoire

We combine choreographers, traditional folk artists, and theatrical artists to collaborate with the singers and create crossover productions. These presentations of multimedia creations fully exhibit the singer’s performance energy.