Sheng-Hsien LIU

Hailing from Pingtung, LIU Sheng-hsien earned a master’s degree from the Music Technology Department of the Institute of Music at National Chiao Tung University after majoring in piano at Soochow University’s Department of Music. A multi-instrumentalist, LIU excels in percussion and recorder as well as keyboard. As a composer, he works on both art and commercial music. LIU is devoted to adapting Taiwanese folk songs for orchestra, with his arrangements performed throughout Taiwan by the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra.


LIU also produces commercial music for dance groups, theaters, TV shows, records, games, and advertisements, while in art music, he excels in orchestral and chamber music, percussion, solo instruments, and vocal work. He currently serves as an assistant professor in the Department of Applied Music at Tainan National University of the Arts and is also the composer-in-residence for the Kaohsiung Chamber Choir, a composer for Baroque Camerata, and a program host at the Kaohsiung Broadcasting Station.



Sheng-Hsien LIU × Tabernacle Women's Choir

2022 Arrangement | Tsin Siūnn-beh Pue